Once you have paid the first monthly fee, there are no further add ons within the app; you will have access to everything you need. We're so confident you'll love using the App, we don't make you commit to a lengthy contract; you can cancel at any time. 

£25.00 / Month - No contract 

We've made working out simple

Everything you need, is now in your pocket

Open the UP Strength App and we'll provide you with clear, video based personal training sessions, tailored to your specific needs. Have access to online nutrition & fitness education resources and a messaging service to stay in contact; all you need to do is commit, the app will guide your every step.


GETTING STARTED with our app...

Invest now and download the UP Strength App . . .

The first step to getting started with the App is to purchase the online program. Download the App 

and we'll then send your username and password 

to get started on the App (you can change this 

once in the app)

have you downloaded our app


Google Play Store ( click here )


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How does it actually work?

We don't just give you the app and let you loose . . . 

Once you have signed up, we will contact you with your username and password to get you set up on the app.

Once you're on the app your coach will be in touch to get a clear understanding of your goals, worries and your needs. Following this 

your coach will design you a 4-week programme with video based workouts customised for you. The app guides you through every step with instructional videos for over a thousand exercises (yes there are thousands of exercises). You can work out at the gym, with a power band or just using your own bodyweight.

Your coach will be able to see if you've completed the workout and tracks how you're doing. If there are any exercises that cause you concern, just let your coach know and it can be changed.

There's also a messaging feature which lets you have 24/7 contact with your coach. 

Your coach will add weekly PDFs with information to help with your mindset, nutrition and exercise. If you have specific areas that you wish to know more about, you can message your coach with a view to having further information added to your seminar library.

Fitness & mind within the app